Interactive Lectures

Our interactive lectures are short-lived, fun, and memorable. Participants discover new ways of addressing personal, social, and organizational challenges of their daily work in international research institutions. Each lecture includes brain-teasing theory and thought-provoking exercises.

Discover a new quality of life and research. Learn to stop neglecting your social self but avoid the pitfalls of “overcompensating” for stress at work.

  • Feel good saying “No.” and separate the important from the unimportant.
  • Feel good saying “Yes.” and stay committed in the face of challenges.
  • Win back the time spent caring for yourself.
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Discover what makes a good narrative great. Learn to use metaphors, analogies, symbols, and graphs to make complex problems more comprehensible. Embrace the power of telling a story and present your research in the most relatable way.

  • Transfer the six basic storytelling structures to the scientific world.
  • Understand the link between thorough data analysis and great storytelling.
  • Learn to adjust your data representation to your viewers.
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Understand how situational awareness helps you “read the room”. Discover the power of cognitive flexibility and learn adapt your presentations on-the-spot. Discover how to spark excitement and increase the focus of your audience.

  • Make yourself comfortable in the spotlight.
  • Captivate your audience with the magic of simple body language.
  • Learn how to follow-up a performance.
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Understand how diversity supports solving the most pressing scientific issues. Learn simple methods to contribute to an inclusive, constructive and effective work environment.

  • Understand your own needs for diversity and equality
  • Detect basic patterns of use and abuse of power
  • Demanding and providing respectful treatment
  • Constructively address stereotype biases in your group
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Embrace the challenge of discussing with people from diverse cultural backgrounds, having different professional experiences, sharing unique personal interests. Learn to stay calm and in control when addressing sensitive topics such as grading, authorship and professional differences.

  • Manage expectations in everyday conversations
  • Discover methods for staying constructive and proactive
  • Build a strong network, forge alliances and engage in collaborations
  • Developing your communicati Acknowledge the challenge that discussions among people from diverseon style
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