Basic Workshops

Our basic workshops teach researchers new ways of addressing personal, social, organizational, and scientific challenges. Great emphasis is put on providing participants with the necessary time, space and psychological safety for personal development.

Overcome the fear of external judgement and inner criticism and unlock your full creative potential. Learn a new mindset and new tools for scientific work and make original discoveries.

  • Stay creative and constructive under pressure.
  • Discard bad ideas quickly – but beware of your “inner critic”.
  • Combine and improve ideas from others.
  • Defend ideas in formal and informal conversations.
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Internalize a new quality of life and research. Learn to stop neglecting your social self but avoid the pitfalls of “overcompensating” for stress at work.

  • Win back the time spent caring for yourself.
  • Feel good saying “No.” and separate the important from the unimportant.
  • Feel good saying “Yes.” and stay committed in the face of challenges.
  • Effectively manage yourself and your work in the face of constant changes.
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Become aware of positive and negative consequences of group dynamics. Learn how social influencing can support you in reaching your own goals. Stay constructive and build uniquely supportive and lasting relationships.

  • Influence group behavior for the better.
  • Give and receive constructive feedback.
  • React to power structures of fear or trust.
  • Understand the fundamentals of group decision making.
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Understand how power and status influence your relationships with students, peers, and supervisors. Master the basic techniques of applied diplomacy and increase the chance of getting acknowledged and recognized.

  • Use techniques of applied diplomacy when addressing sensitive topics.
  • Respectfully stand your ground in tough negotiations.
  • Develop a status-aware communication style.
  • Become more resilient to social frustrations.
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Practice what makes a good narrative great. Learn to use metaphors, analogies, symbols, and graphs to make complex problems more comprehensible. Embrace the power of telling a story and present your research in the most relatable way.

  • Transfer the six basic storytelling structures to the scientific world.
  • Understand the link between thorough data analysis and great storytelling.
  • Learn to adjust your data representation to your viewers.
  • Discover the core acting skills needed to engage an audience.
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Join for an intensive session of transferring our methods to your own academic environment. Rediscover things you already know; deepen and broaden your knowledge; gain a new sense of comfort.

  • Practice transferable skills in personally encountered situations.
  • Perform spaced repetition of slightly altered key exercises.
  • Engage in additional theory lessons to connect the dots.
  • Openly question and discuss the details of our methods with us.


  • Any two or more basic workshops
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Advanced Workshops

Our advanced workshops help researchers develop the leadership skills they need as their career progresses. All advanced workshops build on the knowledge and experience from the basic workshops and are suited for participants who meet the prerequisites listed in the descriptions.

Stay calm and in control when addressing sensitive topics such as grading, authorship and professional differences. Prepare yourself for the challenge of defending your research in front of people with different academic accreditations, professional experiences and cultural backgrounds.

  • Manage expectations in everyday conversations.
  • Stay proactive and forge powerful alliances.
  • Build a strong network and engage in collaborations.
  • Develop your personal communication style.


  • Diplomacy I: Interpersonal Interaction
  • Social Dynamics I: Group Influence
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Understand how great leadership benefits from empathy, situational awareness, and cognitive flexibility. Learn new ways to promote a high level of independence and ownership by creating an empowering work culture.

  • Engage students through developing an understanding of each other’s professional needs.
  • Creating an environment that stimulates people to ask for help when needed.
  • Promote a productive failure culture.
  • Provide psychological safety to people in the hierarchy below.


  • Social Dynamics I: Group Influence
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Embrace how (scientific) conflicts give us the chance to change things for the better. Learn to read the involved parties’ intentions and apply appropriate response strategies to make a positive impact.

  • Classify (scientific) conflicts with respect to importance and involvement.
  • Successfully deescalate (scientific) conflicts and promote constructivism.
  • Apply the five basic conflict resolution strategies.
  • Discover your “natural” conflict resolution style.


  • Diplomacy I: Interpersonal Interaction
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Bring your public speaking to the next level. Increase your situational awareness and “read the room” quickly. Practice cognitive flexibility and adapt your presentations on-the-spot. Increase the focus and excitement of your audience.

  • Develop your core acting skills under professional guidance.
  • Stay cognitively flexible and situationally aware in the spotlight.
  • Captivate your audience with the magic of simple body language.
  • Learn how to follow-up a performance


  • Storytelling I: Your Data and you
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Rethink what it takes to excite, inspire, and teach others. Understand your personal limitations and the constraints of your scientific environment. Go your own way and challenge the status quo.

  • Let yourself be challenged in the role of the role model.
  • Rethink key exercises and develop your own variants.
  • Discover the science behind our methods.
  • Address new applications and limitations of our methods with us.


  • Any two or more advanced workshops
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